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INFUSE Lead Generation leverages the strengths of the audience’s current interests to get you the perfect leads. With years of experience working with cutting-edge digital marketing technologies, INFUSE will deliver the highest quality leads for your funnel.

Our Process

We deliver well defined leads from various stages of the sales/marketing funnel. We work with you to discover the demographic and psychographic profile that fits your audience perfectly.

INFUSE systematically nurtures leads of various temperatures by promoting a set of digital assets that are strategic to your sector. This filters out the irrelevant leads at every stage. Our process is simple, flexible and transparent, therefore it yields only the best for your sales team.

Our Verticals

Why do we reach your audience so effectively? It’s because we put in the effort curating content across our own network of vertical publications.

INFUSE Lead Generation delivers B2B leads from 24 verticals and over 220 sub-sectors. Our unique sub-sectors deliver extraordinary engagement in your audience’s niche.

target_ico Advertising/Marketing (10)

target_ico Legal (5)

target_ico Automotive (8)

target_ico Non-Profit/Organizations (13)

target_ico Construction  (6)

target_ico Service Industry (7)

target_ico Finance (9)

target_ico Travel/Hospitality/Entertainment (15)

target_ico Insurance (4)

target_ico Agriculture (4)

target_ico Media (19)

target_ico Computers and Technology (9)

target_ico Retail and Consumer Goods (16)

target_ico Education (5)

target_ico Transportation and Logistics (8)

target_ico Healthcare/Medical (7)

target_ico Aerospace/Aviation (6)

target_ico Manufacturing (17)

target_ico Biotech and Pharmaceuticals (4)

target_ico Real Estate (4)

target_ico Corporate Services (10)

target_ico Telecommunications (11)

target_ico Government (15)

target_ico Utility/Energy (10)

Our Targets

We connect you to any audience, with precision. We target our verticals by:

  • Seniority level
  • Job function
  • Industry
  • Company size
  • Company revenue
  • Geographic location
  • Your target account list


We deliver B2B leads in all verticals through content marketing.

INFUSE generates leads through content promotion via Social, Programmatic, Mobile and Direct Outreach. We run a network of vertically focused publications, each with its own captive audience.

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