INFUSE Media is a third-party provider of advertisements you may see on certain sites you visit served on behalf of INFUSE Media clients.  This Privacy Policy is established to inform you on what type of information is collected on our website about you, what type of information is used to serve such advertising and what various options and choices you have including your rights.


Please read this policy carefully.  Use of the INFUSE Media website or its related network sites and your sharing of information with INFUSE Media is subject to the terms and conditions of this Policy.  By using the INFUSE Media network of websites you give your agreement to this Policy, which may be revised, amended or changed at any time. INFUSE Media certifies its compliance with SafeHarbor provisions of US and EU, as stated and defined on the US Department of Commerce website.


This Privacy Policy is incorporated into and is subject to any and all agreements entered into between Users, Client and Infuse Media.  Your use of the Website or any related INFUSE Media services or products or any information you provide via the INFUSE Media website or through other official INFUSE Media contact remains subject to this Privacy Policy, as well as any other governing INFUSE Media policies, which may be amended from time to time without notice.


Information Collected

INFUSE Media’s platform delivers and reports advertising based on your usage patterns across many third-party websites. INFUSE Media records page views and collects information for the purpose of delivering advertising or providing advertising related services, including providing a specific advertisement based on your browser, specific time of day, location, specific date or date range, statistics in connection with the activity of a website and tracking ads served during a specific time frame and/or to specific audience.  Information collected may include personal contact information and other such identifiable information provided to INFUSE Media by the Users, including through certain means and tracking data including but not limited to cookies and other technologies to track and correlate data, as it is or may become available to INFUSE Media.


User Based Advertising

INFUSE Media strives to deliver advertising that is relevant and pertinent to you, which gives advertisers the opportunity to generate more revenue, which then pays for the free content they publish for you and users like you or provide free services that they deliver to you and users like you. INFUSE Media ensures you are experiencing advertising that is specific to your interests.


To achieve this, INFUSE Media collects data through multiple domains owned and operated by various third parties.  This information is then segmented into various user interests, which are applied to INFUSE Media advertising campaigns on behalf of its clients.


Technology of Information Collection

INFUSE Media utilizes log files, cookies and beacons along with collaboration with various technology and service companies to collect data outlined above.


Log files are used to track certain actions occurring on websites.  The information collected includes IP address, type of browser, ISP, date and time, click data, referring pages, click-through pages, platform systems, previously viewed advertising, etc.


Cookies, or files, are stored on a user’s computer or Internet device.  Some of the information stored includes what web pages, advertisements the user has visited and/or seen.  The use of cookies facilitates more fluid web navigation including sending the user to the right location based on historical data references.


Beacons are electronic files, which track navigation including inter-site and across many sites as well as transaction closures, application submission and user behavior.


In whole the information is used to serve advertising and determine which ads perform better than others in order to determine the optimal match of ads to site content along with user interests.  This helps improve INFUSE Media services and quality of its campaigns on behalf of clients.


Personal Data

INFUSE Media does not collect any information that include a name, address, telephone number, email address, identification number or other information which may identify the individual user, except when such user may wish to provide INFUSE Media such information as a visitor to its website by completing the customer form or other template. INFUSE Media reserves the right to use such information and share it pursuant to this Privacy Policy.


Third Party User Information

INFUSE Media rightfully obtains information from various third party entities, which may or may not include research companies, financial news and information companies, data collection companies and others.  The information collected may include user specific data and user demographics, which is used by INFUSE Media in conjunction with the stated intents and purposes as described in this Policy and for any other purposes as Infuse Media may intend in the future.


User Information Sharing

INFUSE Media may share user information to enable service providers who provide services to INFUSE Media clients, to comply with federal, state or local laws, subpoenas or other acts or requests which are lawful and in compliance, to enforce terms of our polices and terms and conditions and protect interests of INFUSE Media, to ensure safety of the public.  User information may also be shared with INFUSE Media related entities and/or third parties and marketing partners, research companies, vendors, administrative providers, technology and selected data partner companies, which enable data validation enhancement, verification and suppression reasons and other data research, accumulation, marketing purposes or any other purpose for which consent is provided.


INFUSE Media is not responsible for information policies or conduct of any third party entity referenced herein this section

Interactive is not responsible for the information practices of any of third party entities referenced in this paragraph, which may use the information we share with them for the same purposes as we use the information, or for their own independent purposes. The collection, use, and disclosure of information by clients and partners are subject to their respective privacy policies, which may differ from this Policy.


Data Ownership

Users and Clients expressly agree that any data processed through the Infuse Media websites or through any Services provided to INFUSE Media Clients shall be mutually owned by Client/User and Infuse Media. Nothing herein shall prohibit INFUSE Media from using anonymous aggregated data for purposes of system performance, reporting and tuning, and for purposes of marketing, sales, business development and the benchmarking of its future Services.


Changes in Corporate Structure

INFUSE Media reserves the right to assign or transfer collected user information as a result of a merger, acquisition, sale or other material change. INFUSE Media shall not be liable for collected user information after any bankruptcy, insolvency, reorganization, receivership, or assignment.


Third Party Sites Information Collection

INFUSE Media is not responsible for practices, policies and terms of third party website where INFUSE Media places advertising on behalf of its clients or itself.  Information collected by third parties is subject to terms, conditions and policies which users should carefully read.  Infuse Media has no control over how this user information is handled.


User Data Storage & Disposal

Infuse Media retains collected user information for a reasonable period of time.  After such storage period INFUSE Media deletes the stored information unless it chooses otherwise to store for any additional period of time.


Privacy Policy as to Infuse Media Clients

INFUSE Media Clients, upon opening an account, must provide their contact information including name, business name, address, phone, email and any other pertinent information as Infuse Media may request.


INFUSE Media collects Client’s financial information including credit card numbers, PayPal account details and any other financial details as may be required to initiate a Client account.


Clients shall provide, upon registration, their login information, which shall be securely stored on INFUSE Media servers.


In accordance with applicable law, INFUSE Media will also collect, if it deems necessary, Client’s EIN or Social Security Numbers.


At any time INFUSE Media may collect additional information about its Clients not described in the Policy herein, including additional contact information, referral information, references and surveys.


INFUSE Media reserves the right to not provide Client’s access to its services if Client refuses to provide any requested information described herein or as may be required at a later time.


Use of INFUSE Media Client Information

INFUSE Media uses Client’s information to conduct business with service providers including anti-fraud, collection services and various technology services.  Such providers are solely authorized to use Client information as per their specific service only.


INFUSE Media may share Client information with credit bureaus to report unpaid outstanding balances, as applicable and allowed by law.


Client information may further be shared with third parties pursuant to direct instruction from Client.


INFUSE Media may share Client information pursuant to any subpoena or necessary to comply with any laws, regulations or government request or to protect rights of other INFUSE Media Clients and Users.


Client Access to Client Information

At all times Client has the right to opt out from INFUSE Media’s use of Client information as described above.  All requests by Client to any changes, amendments, opt-outs, access must be made in writing.


Miscellaneous Provisions for Clients & Users

INFUSE Media utilizes all reasonable and applicable security policies including maintenance of industry accepted safeguards which are in compliance with US Federal and State security requirements regulations. INFUSE Media has encryption and firewall enabled systems in place to protect Client and User information. INFUSE Media makes no guarantees as to the security of Client and User information.


INFUSE Media complies with all applicable laws both Federal and State with respect to Client and User information transfer.  Client’s and User’s submission of information and use of the Infuse Media Services is considered by all parties as acceptance of such transfers, if any, by Infuse Media to third parties.


No person under the age of eighteen (18) is authorized to use the Infuse Media service or submit information under the Client section and shall be blocked from such access. INFUSE Media does not provide security measures to protect minors with respect to its Services. INFUSE Media uses all reasonable efforts to ensure no minors under the age of thirteen (13) are targeted by its campaigns or those of its clients.


Contact Information

If Client or User wishes to contact INFUSE Media regarding this Privacy Policy or anything dealing with this website or other Terms & Conditions you may do so in the following means: by email to

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