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INFUSE SOCIAL is a real-time social media analytics platform with stunning visualizations, a simple user interface, and industry-leading reporting capabilities. By utilizing this platform, you will have access to a wide selection of powerful tools to monitor and leverage social conversations.


Social media analyses are displayed across intelligent imagery that provide actionable insights, all in real-time.


There are no limits to the content and audiences you can track.

Real-time Alerts

Create future posts or recurring posts from the publish page. A calendar also shows you posts that have been scheduled which you can edit or reschedule.


INFUSE SOCIAL’s Geo-Targeting technology lets you limit your keyword monitoring to a specific geographical area or group of areas. Every country in the world as well as all 50 states are supported. Additionally, you can filter your results through 25 different languages to target a very specific demographic.


Unlike other platforms, INFUSE SOCIAL does not limit the number of keywords you can track, the number of monitors you create, number of accounts you can connect, or the number of users you can have using the platform simultaneously.


Networks INFUSE SOCIAL Tracks

INFUSE SOCIAL can track and analyze mentions from any of these networks and over 4 million RSS feeds.

Channel Dashboards

Get detailed analytics on any of these channels that you own. Know ​everything ​about your most ​and least ​successful posts with ​detailed ​insights into metrics such as followers gained/lost, impressions, gender, age and interactions.

INFUSE SOCIAL Publishes to

Post immediately, schedule, or buffer to any of these platforms with more coming soon!

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