Celebrating the Strength of Women at INFUSE


The women of INFUSE

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Our all-women EMEA agency team is just one example of how our business is empowered by collaboration, support, and encouragement. As director of our own “sisterhood of success” as I like to call it, I truly believe our team’s passion to build each other up and our mix of unique perspectives are what makes us great. After all, our best success stems from working together to make our vision become reality.

In that spirit, if you’re looking to create or optimise your own strategy for meeting the goals of your agency clients, we’ve put together some tips for you based on what has worked for us.

The 3 pillars of building an agency strategy that delivers success for your clients

1. Find the right team to champion your strategy

Building a strategy that helps not only to move forward your clients’ goals and growth, but also your own, rests on having the best team for the job.


Now, most employers prioritise finding candidates who have direct experience in the exact same role and, whilst that makes logical sense, we’ve found this really isn’t necessary. In our case, rather than building our team with salespeople, we brought in individuals with experience in campaign and program management.


2. Lead with a human perspective

These past couple of years have led to us all living through some crazy, life-changing experiences that have not only impacted how we work but also how we now live.

Whilst transformation is to be expected and is essential, it’s imperative to demonstrate an understanding of the needs of the people who you do business with, how they are having to adapt, and most importantly why. This knowledge will allow you to better help people meet the evolving circumstances and fast-paced stresses of the modern workplace.

I touched on this earlier in my previous point (and it may sound terribly obvious) but leading with a human perspective is crucial. Apply this approach to all aspects of your strategy, including your outreach.

Leverage LinkedIn

Human to human (H2H)

3. Collaboration and transparency

We all hear how (obviously) important it is to meet clients’ needs on a regular basis. Whilst this certainly rings true, it’s also imperative to go about this the right way and tailor your approach to each individual client.

Be a consultant

Too many fall into the trap of taking a brief and following it down to a T. Instead, what you should aim to do is to act as a consultant for your client. Listen to their needs and preferences and work with them to tailor-build a campaign that meets the goals they want to achieve.

Be true to your promises

We are dedicated to building custom campaigns tailored to your specific needs and working with you to deliver you the results you are looking for.

If you enjoyed learning about the team and would like to meet us officially, let’s talk. We would love to help you exceed your goals.

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