About Reveal Mobile

Reveal Mobile launched in 2015 to provide location-based marketing, analytics, audiences, and foot traffic attribution to agencies, media companies, and brands. They help companies of any size understand and reach audiences across digital advertising, providing audience intelligence that helps them win more business.

The overall goal

Reveal Mobile sought to connect with prospective customers for its location-based marketing products. Their target audience was specifically marketing and advertising agencies that offered paid media services and served clients with consumer retail locations.

Their goal was to aggressively increase sales pipeline by doubling marketing qualified leads (MQLs).

The overall challenge

Reveal Mobile came to INFUSE for help finding solutions to long-standing challenges. They needed a partner that could accommodate an extensive suppression criterion to exclude agencies and businesses that fall outside their target market. Within that group, they also sought to generate leads among businesses with a high degree of purchase intent. With such a specific list of criteria, the quality and accuracy of the lead data was of paramount importance.

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