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Psychographics is a methodology for analyzing consumer behavior that goes beyond general demographic data such as age or gender. It is used to understand the cognitive factors that drive behaviors and influence purchase decisions. For B2B marketers, psychographics represents the next level of targeting: tuning into goals, values, and lifestyles to understand how best to communicate with a prospective customer. Join INFUSEmedia VP Strategic Accounts Jeff Cleasby and Head of Content Marketing John Lynch as they guide you through some applications for psychographics in B2B marketing, and share lessons on how marketers can use this data to shape outreach.


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David has extensive experience of incubating and growing technology and marketing businesses worldwide. As Vice President and Data Protection Officer of INFUSEmedia, David leads international growth and operations through EMEA and APAC alongside his team in the United Kingdom. He is a graduate of the University of KwaZulu-Natal in Durban.

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