Steps to Targeting a B2B buying group


What is a buying group?

The four stages of the B2B
buying group journey

For ease of tracking and scoring, the buyer journey is typically categorized into four broad stages:

Preparation for marketing
to a B2B buying group

Crafting detailed buyer personas can be a complex process that can be facilitated with psychographics. Not sure where to get started? Read our Definitive Guide to Marketing: B2B Psychographics for detail on how to approach a strategy.

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Build your B2B buying group
strategy in 6 Steps

Reaching and connecting with buying groups requires a strategy that is synchronized across marketing and sales teams and that follows each account’s progress as they move through the buyer’s journey.
The following steps dissect the buyer’s journey in greater detail and the individual tasks required of teams to create an effective and accurate strategy:

Reaching the buyer group requires regular analysis and research
to keep up with changing trends, needs, and buyer expectations.

Stay up to date by reading our Outlook for 2022 for an in-depth
exploration of changes to buyer enablement, the B2B UX experience,
staffing, and much more.

Create a B2B buyer journey map

Once you have planned your strategy, craft a B2B buyer journey map aligned with your planned steps for reaching the buyer group to guide your outreach as buyers move through the four stages.

Your buyer journey map should include important details, such as the types of content appropriate for each stage. You might want to organize tasks in a work management system. You can then assign these content formats to each step of your strategy.

As one of the principal factors in buyer enablement and motivating the buyer journey, creating a multi-faceted content marketing strategy is essential.

Not sure where to start? Read our Definitive Guide to B2B Content Marketing
for a full breakdown of content marketing tips and strategies to facilitate
your buyer journey.


Our demand generation experts work with our clients to create personalized, data-driven campaigns for reaching target accounts and buyer groups.

Let’s work together to build your own strategy to reach the buying committee and fuel your sales pipeline.

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