The State of Channel in 2023: Challenges and Opportunities By David Verwey (VP of EMEA), Matt Dalton (Strategic Head of Channel),and Sophy Gray (Founder of The Marketing Bee)



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    The current state of channel and why it needs to evolve

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    Top challenges facing channel marketing strategies and how to solve them

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    Why demand is essential for channel marketing

Why is channel changing?

The impact of increased scrutiny and reporting difficulties

The influence of customer marketing and CMOs on channel marketing

New channel programs

Reimagining MDF allocation

How current MDF allocation practices impact performance

Currently, there are three main challenges with how MDF is allocated and utilized to drive performance:

Select partners receive MDF based on contractual obligations or to maintain a long-standing relationship with a vendor: This can lead to more MDF being distributed than necessary, resulting in lower ROI or a significant amount of funding going unspent.

Some partners lack the knowledge or skill set necessary to properly use MDF to yield results and achieve ROI: The skill level of each partner often varies, affecting the outcomes that they are able to deliver with MDF. Indeed, not all partners are able to leverage funding to provide vendors with the best results possible, affecting overall returns—and therefore the amount of funding they are provided.

Many partners do not adequately report back on the leads or performance attributed to MDF: Partners who do not accurately report outcomes are unlikely to receive the MDF they need for future campaigns or projects. However, if they do not have the knowledge on how to do so, this will continue to negatively impact the funding they are provided, and therefore, the results they are able to deliver.

The first challenge is particularly harmful, especially given that the amount of funding is often irrespective of the results that are produced. However, at their core, all of these issues originate from a lack of understanding of how best to work with and support each individual partner.

How to navigate partner skill levels to guide MDF allocation

Implement a partner survey

How to maximize performance from channel partners


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Why demand is essential for channel marketing

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