How to Maintain Growth During Economic Softening: A 3-Step Playbook
Generate demand and leads without resorting to budget cuts or layoffs


The causes of the 2022

Economic analysts, C-suites, and investors are uncertain about the economy this year and beyond. What many believe we are experiencing currently, is an economic softening. In other words, an economy that grows slower than usual due to inflation and high interest rates.

Events such as the COVID-19 pandemic, supply chain disruptions, and the War in Ukraine have contributed to this recession. Another clear indicator of this trend is the historical news of the Euro and Dollar parity for the first time in 20 years.

However, as a B2B business, it is always important to remember that the results from campaigns starting now will only be seen in six months or possibly years later.

Therefore, as counterintuitive as it sounds, budgets should be maintained regardless of an economic softening to take steps to foster growth. In doing so, you will be able to secure a competitive advantage on your competitors who have reduced spending on their marketing campaigns, when the economy kicks back.

3-step playbook to tackle an economic softening

1. Four aspects of your business to refocus
on during an economic softening

1. Listen to your sales team

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    On the front line, getting feedback from leads on the value of your offerings. The most common objections by clients should inform how you market your brand moving forward and how you develop new products to meet emerging challenges.

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    Interacting with marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) and seeing success (or not) based on your criteria. Their feedback collected from interacting with leads will help you either refine your MQL qualification process or even revisit your Ideal Client Profile (ICP).

2. Maintain business health: 5 marketing
tactics to keep the organization running

1. Leverage Human-to-Human marketing (H2H)

3. Futureproof your brand: 7 strategies for fostering business growth even during an economic softening

1. Create Client Councils

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    Your current clients are acting differently, in the sense they no longer qualify as an ICP, or;

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    Your clients are your ICP, but you are failing to meet their current demands.


Empower your brand repositioning strategy with 7 key strategies from this article on Recession Marketing by Victoria Albert, VP of Marketing at INFUSE

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    A day off for voluntary work: Your team can take a day off to help the community. This is a great moment for team building and allowing team members to help causes they care about, as well as to provide “hands-on” support beyond financial aid.

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    Free consultancy services: Put your company know-how to good use and allow your experts to take time off to help a non-profit, whether it be with sales, IT, or even financial advice.

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    Mental wellness support: With access to therapists

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    Workshops: To provide the tools and expertise needed for the new challenges of the business

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    Vouchers: Gift cards, bonuses, and financial aid to soften the economic impact of the rise in cost of amenities


Final Takeaways

Based on all the recommendations in this playbook, here are the four essential takeaways to remember as you prepare your business for an economic softening:

Accelerate your growth with high-performance demand


he INFUSEmedia team is experienced in helping businesses grow in times of economic softening. Since 2012, our Demand Strategists have launched hundreds of campaigns, all of them revenue-driven and personalized for each client’s goals.

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